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We know that most companies look for revenue contribution out of their Agency Partners

So we designed a framework that focuses exactly on that

What we do and sets us apart

Our Performance Marketing Framework

Through years of running strategy and paid media campaigns for tech companies of various industries. We realized that simply looking at Paid Media Channel data and measuring conversions was not nearly enough.

So we compounded our learnings and designed a framework that ensures we are looking beyond conversions and optimizing for pipeline and revenue generation while improving conversion rates along the way.

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01. PPC Agency

You have reached Product Market Fit and want to take things to the next level? We'll create new scalable acquisition channels or help you optimize results of your current Paid Media efforts.

02. CRO

You don't have to settle for the conversion rates that you have in your Landing Pages or User Journey. We'll analyze and continuosly experiment to optimize the conversion rate throughout the whole user journey.

03. RevOps

Paid Media Campaign results can be misleading, we use Revenue Operations Analysis to understand which Paid Media efforts are actually contributing to revenue and not just filling the Top of the Funnel.

Doubts about results?

Don't take our word for it

"We needed true professionals"

As a B2B SaaS tech startup in early stages, we needed true professionals with the experience in Performance Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization in order to help us scale our cloud services and platforms. In nPotencia we found people that not only know what they are doing in everything related with growth marketing but really invest their time and resources in getting to know our true value proposition in order to scale our revenue and clients.

Cesar M.

"Our ROI speaks for itself"

We have been working for more than a year with  nPotencia to help our SaaS company grow, mainly with Performance Marketing tools. I would highly recommend anyone interested in growing their company to talk nPotencia's team, their personalized service and innovative ideas are unique in the market; they take the time to get to know your business in order to implement a winning strategy. Our ROI speaks for itself.

Javier R.
Head of Sales at SCISA
Performance Marketing Framework

What we do in each stage

PPC Agency

Increase revenue through targeted PPC

We don't just relly on running conversion ads. We create a complete digital funnel going from awareness to conversion through multiple channels and touchpoints looking to increase Reach while creating a bigger audience  to convert.

Our approach results in a lower CPA and increase in MRR.

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Performance Channels

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Google Ads
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Meta Ads
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Linkedin Ads
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Twitter Ads
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Programmatic Display Ads

Some real BUSINESS results

Different industries... Same outcome.


Reduction in Cost per Onboarded User


Increase in MQLs whilst reducing CPL by 68%


Increase in SQLs

Conversion Rate Optimization

Get the most out of your user journey

Through web and funnel analysis, we identify friction points and areas of opportunity in the user journey and sales cycle.

We design hypotheses and test them through an experimentation process focused in increasing the Conversion Rate in specific stages of the user journey and funnel.

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Our latest CRO wins

From fintech to autotech, it doesn't matter.


Increase in Onboarded Users Conversion Rate


Increase in Scheduled Appointments


Increase in SQLs

RevOps Analysis

We make sure to optimize for revenue

We cross analyze Media Channel Campaigns and Keywords against specific value stages in the sales funnel and revenue in order to make campaign optimization strategies.

We maximize value stages in the sales funnel (e.g Demos), instead of just the Leads in the Top of the Funnel.

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Still not convinced?

Take it from them

"They're a partner that go hand in hand with us"

We have been working with nPotencia since 2019, it has been an excellent solution for our growth in terms of strategy, metrics and digital investment management. They are not just a budget manager for media and digital campaigns, but a partner that go hand in hand with us, growing and improving everyday. We really like the personalized attention of the whole team.

Patricio G.
Head of Sales at Carvi

"They operated as a part of our team"

nPotencia helped us to take our digital marketing and CRO initiatives to the next level. We had extensive resources available from their side and they operated really as a part of our team, not like a regular agency from the outside. Also, they talk in real metrics, not just vanity ones.

Karl Kaju
Head of Growth at Ask Robin

What else do you get from working with us?


  • Complete web and channel analytics setup configuration
  • Marketing strategy and advisory
  • Campaign planning and management

Reporting and Optimization

  • Pipeline reporting and funnel optimization
  • Channel optimization for pipeline and revenue generation
  • Weekly meetings

Creative Production

  • Channel specific messaging
  • Ad creative design and production
  • Messaging and design optimization

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